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Mobile Project Cost Estimation

In the table below you will find complete examples of 2 projects – small and medium size. The estimates and labor breakdown are based on actual projects completed by WebCom.

Work estimation (days)
Role Experience Month 1 Month 2 Month 3
Team Leader, Scrum master Senior 4 8 4
UX / UI Designer Senior 10 2 2
Android Developer Senior 5 20 10
iOS Developer Senior 5 20 10
QA Engineer Regular 5 11 6
per month 29 61 32
Total 122
Work estimation (days)
Role Experience Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Month 4
Team Leader, Scrum master Senior 8 15 13 10
UX / UI Designer Senior 20 1 1 1
Backend Developer Senior 8 20 20 10
Android Developer Senior 2 20 20 15
Android Developer Regular 0 15 10 8
iOS Developer Senior 2 20 20 15
iOS Developer Regular 0 15 10 8
QA Engineer Senior 5 20 15 20
per month 45 126 109 87
Total 367

General Questions

How does WebCom estimate the app development cost?

Our technical analysts gather all the information received from you and prepare a list of major functionalities/main modules of your app. Then the complexity of these modules is estimated and translated into the number of hours required to develop them. This is based on our experience creating similar applications and a thorough analysis of your requirements.

Familiarising yourself with the idea of User Stories and presenting your requirements in this form will speed up the process of app development costs estimation and conform with Agile development processes in WebCom.

Can I get my project estimated and how do I do that?

Estimation of your project’s cost is one of the initial phases of establishing cooperation. Once you drop us an email or fill out the contact form on our website, we will provide you with a set of questions regarding your mobile or web project and set up an online meeting to discuss details. To ensure confidentiality, we can sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before you give us any sensitive details.

What do I need to provide for accurate estimation?

We will ask you to provide a description of the application. The more details you will be able to give us, the better our understanding of your needs and requirements. Please send us any documentation you might have regarding your project and a description in your own words of what your app is going to be. If you have any UX/UI mockups prepared, they will be a great help as well.

How long does it take to estimate project costs?

The estimation process depends on the size of the project and the amount of information we receive from you. It can take from a few days up to 1-2 weeks to provide you with a thorough estimate. If you have any questions during the process, feel free to contact us and we will update you on the progress.

Do the rates vary according to the type of work performed?

The hourly rates depend on the team members’ competencies, seniority level and the technology proposed for your project. The hourly breakdown in the estimate will show the rates charged for particular team members’ work.

Still not sure how much your project will cost?

Estimate Project